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Thinking about leaving a comment...heres how to do it!

Leaving a blog comment is easy! Its a great way to communicate with us and the children love it. Theres nothing more rewarding for them than having someone take an interest in their blog.  So do feel brave enough to leave a comment?  (we hope so!) it would really inspire our learning!

Follow the steps below:

1)You can either click on the HEADING of the post you wish to comment on OR click on the underlined COMMENTS link under the post. Both of these will direct you to the same place.  2) Type your comment in the comment box titled ‘leave a reply’. 3) You should enter your name. 4) Press submit comment. 5) Mrs Chesters must approve your comment before it appears on the blog (for safety reasons) 6) Make sure you check back in to see if you have a reply to your comment and reply again where possible.

Remember it YOU that keeps our blog alive!

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2 Responses

  1. Dear whitchurch primary school.
    What is the weather at school?
    Is your school big or smasl?
    What colour is your unifoms?
    What do you do at school?
    How is school?

    by from Ella.

  2. dear whichurch primary school,

    How are you ?

    Can I ask you some questions?

    How old are you?

    What is the time at the minute?

    When is your birthday?

    What is the seson at this time ?
    The seson hear is winter?
    I hope to hear from you soon 🙂 !
    from your blogging budie Tihana