Hawthorn Weekly Plan


Teacher Mrs Lombos

TA - Mrs Edwards, Mrs Driscoll


The children will be practicing for their plays and singing assembly's.

Maths for year 1

  • To learn to add by counting on from the largest number.

  •  Add by Making 10

    To add to numbers by first making 10 and then adding on the remainder.

  • Add by Adding Ones

    To add by separating the ones and ten. This enables pupils to add the sum of the ones to the ten.

  • Counting Back

    To learn how to subtract by counting back from the largest number.

  • Subtract Ones

    To learn how to subtract by subtracting from only the ones column.

  • Subtract from 10

    To subtract a certain amount of ones from 10 rather than from the ones, as there are not enough ones.

  •  Addition and Subtraction Facts

    To go through number facts derived from addition and subtraction sentences.


Maths - Year 3

  • Consolidating any outstanding work this term
  • Revisiting methods covered this term

Literacy - Year 3

  •  completing any unfinished work using the features of narrative.



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