Poplar Weekly Plan


Miss Ross

HLTA - Gavin Jones, TA -  Mrs Driscoll , Mrs Edwards


Working on Design and Technology

The Children will be practicing for their plays, singing assembly's and completing craft for the Christmas fair.


Please remember you can help your child at home by regularly practicing the following mental maths skills:
  • Level 4+: Recall number facts, including positive integer complements to 100 and multiplication facts to 10 × 10, and quickly derive associated division facts.
  • Level 5+ : Recall equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages; use known facts to derive unknown facts, including products involving numbers such as 0.7 and 6, and 0.03 and 8.
  • Level 6+ : Use known facts to derive unknown facts; extend mental methods of calculation, working with decimals, fractions, percentages, factors, powers and roots; solve problems mentally

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