Year 1 Maths Page

Hints, tips and links to support children in Year 1 with maths at home.


Link to Help with Ordinal numbers 8/11/17 1st 2nd 3rd HERE


Links to help this week 3/11/17     Number Fact families  HERE      


Videos we watch in class to support our maths learning:

Jack Hartmann - Kids Music Channel  

We use lots of the videos from this you tube channel to help us in maths.

Particular favourites are: Number bonds, Subertizing, Months of the year, Counting 


Number bond apps

Links to some of the Apps we have tested in school - HERE


Hit the Button

This can be loaded as an app on tablets or played for free on the website

Hit the Button

Year 1 children should be sticking to the

Green button - number bonds - to 10 in term 1, and to 20 in term 2 & 3

These activities should be supported with practical objects to count if your child doesn't have some level of fluency with their number bonds.

Doubles/Halving  to 10, to 20 in the 2nd or 3rd term


How we teach maths - watch videos that explain some of the basic ideas behind the way we are teaching maths HERE


Some online maths games - all have been checked to make sure they support the way we teach maths - some are tablet friendlt

Early Counting Games   HERE           Next steps in counting HERE         Number recognition  HERE

Early Ordering & Sequencing HERE       Next steps in ordering HERE


Place Value tens and ones  HERE

Counting 1 more/ less   10 more/less using a number grid  HERE       Counting and finding bigger numbers  HERE

Number Fact families  HERE                  Missing number sums   HERE            Number bonds to 10  HERE

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