Year 1 Maths Page

Hints, tips and links to support children in Year 1 with maths at home.


This week we are looking at different ways to do adding and subtracting to 20.

This weeks homework click here




Videos we watch in class to support our maths learning:

Jack Hartmann - Kids Music Channel  

We use lots of the videos from this you tube channel to help us in maths.

Particular favourites are: Number bonds, Subertizing, Months of the year, Counting 


Number bond apps

Links to some of the Apps we have tested in school - HERE


Hit the Button

This can be loaded as an app on tablets or played for free on the website

Hit the Button

Year 1 children should be sticking to the

Green button - number bonds - to 10 in term 1, and to 20 in term 2 & 3

These activities should be supported with practical objects to count if your child doesn't have some level of fluency with their number bonds.

Doubles/Halving  to 10, to 20 in the 2nd or 3rd term


How we teach maths - watch videos that explain some of the basic ideas behind the way we are teaching maths HERE


Some online maths games - all have been checked to make sure they support the way we teach maths - some are tablet friendlt

Early Counting Games   HERE           Next steps in counting HERE         Number recognition  HERE

Early Ordering & Sequencing HERE       Next steps in ordering HERE


Place Value tens and ones  HERE

Counting 1 more/ less   10 more/less using a number grid  HERE       Counting and finding bigger numbers  HERE

Number Fact families  HERE                  Missing number sums   HERE            Number bonds to 10  HERE

Teens Numbers


Teens Numbers Video       Lesson with supporting Videos on Teens 

Make your own tens frame flash cards - you could use them for ordering, naming, estimating

Recognising Teen Numbers Game 

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