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 Hour of Code

 Story Creator Trial VersionHour of Code - Anna and Elsa
 Scratch Hide and SeekHour of Code - Dragon Dash
 Hour of Code Pixel the puppy
 Hour of Code - Kodable
 Hour of Code - Candy Quest
 Hour of Code 2016Studio Code - Course 1
 ICE AGEStudio Code - Course 2
Make a Flappy gameStudio Code - Course 3
Kodable Hour of CodeAngry Birds
Cannon Ball Physics GameBasketball Game
 Sprite Box
 Create your own Football Game
 Artist Code Monkey
FrozenBeyond Hour of Code
Monster CODE Year 1-2Star Wars- Control Blocks
Dragon Dash Year 3-4 Star Wars - Java Script
Minecraft Hide and Seek
Studio Code - Computer Science Hour of code 2015
 Awesome Python Projects Animate your name in Scratch
Python Code for ‘Guess the number game’ICT Games
 Task 1 ‘The Maze Game’ LightBot
Task 2 ‘ A Farm Quiz’ Sketch Racer
 Task 3′ Improving the Quiz’ Brianpop - Puppy Adventure
 Code Academy Scratch - Online
  Create a Christmas card in Scratch
  Hour of Code
 The Foos
 Puppy Adventure
 Online Activities Hour of Code - Candy Quest
Code Monkey Hour of Code - Various projects
 Karel the dog Hour of Code - Scratch - Pong Game
 Blockey Games Hour of code - Play Lab
 Flow Charts - Algorithms interactive Activity Hour of code - Eliza the Chatterbox
  Extended Activity - Chat with Eliza
  Hour of Code - Trailblazer
  Hour of Code - Drag and Drop
 Space Cow
 Cannon Ball Physics
 Code Studio
 Ice Age
 Play Lab
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