Geography - Learning Links 




Naturegrid National Geographic for Kids The Hedgehog Site - Road Safety The Environment Agency for Kids The Newspaper Children's BBC Newsround Name parts of UK / Europe and World Label the UK Ambleweb Label UK Ambleweb Label Europe Name continents and oceans Name the countries World Jigsaw Mapzone Games Map Symbols and Keys Landscapes Maps and Symbols Maps and Grid References Simple Coordinates Compass, Grid References and Map Symbols OS Symbols Volcanoes Quiz Find out about Whitby and weather!


KS1 Houses Shops Build a Street Download the Logo plug-in here Houses and Homes Where we live Directions BBC Buildings BBC Homes Going to the Seaside Smartboard Sammy Seagull at the Seaside Y2 How is the seaside different to our locality? Seaside Photos Beside the Seaside Seaside Going to the Seaside Trip to Cleethorpes Cleethorpes Discovery Centre i-board Bear Abroad BBC Barnaby Bear Site Durham LEA Barnaby Bear Site Where is Katie Morag set? Katie Morag's Friend - Angus Bear Katie Morag - Isle of Struay The Isle of Struay Isle of Coll Photos Isle of Coll Virtual Tour What is an Island? Coll Digital 


 KS2 - Learning Links

A Village in India Village in India Smartboard Chembakolli Investigating India Objects from India India for Kids Urban India Photos Eye on India India Quiz Focus on Mountains Mountain Environment Scottish Landscapes 2 PowerPoints How weather shapes mountains BBC video Travelling in the Mountains BBC video Changing mountain landscape BBC video Temperature changes BBC video Weather Smartboard Weather BBC What is Weather? Focus on Climate Weather Forecast Make a Weather Forecast Compare 2 Cities Focus on Mexico Weathercams Extreme Weather MetOffice Painting the Weather Water Water Cycle Flash activity Water Cycle Water Cycle Water Cycle Explorer Water Cycle Jumbled Water Cycle Water Quiz River Development and Online Activities BBC Rivers River World Investigating Rivers River System Angliacampus Rivers Focus on Rivers Source to Sea & Fact sheets Rivers Cyberhunt River Trent River Severn BBC video Water and Rivers River Processes - Animations Rivers PowerPoint Template Stream Features Rivers and Pollution Journey along a River Why do Rivers Flood? Floods BBC Video Rivers and Mountains PowerPoint What a Load of Rubbish What a Waste Environment Agency - Waste Whose land is it? Ollie Recycles Recyclezone Glassforever Recycling Glass Recycling Game Litter Blitz Are you Eco Friendly? Village Settlers A Guide to Llandudno Investigating Coasts
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