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 Hour of Code

Python Web Links
Python School of Code
Python Code for 'Guess the number game' ICT Games
 Task 1 'The Maze Game'  
Task 2 ' A Farm Quiz'  
 Task 3' Improving the Quiz'  
Animal Database
Dinosaur Database
Keyboard GameCooltext logo Generator Discovery BoxDiscovery Box 'How to' VideoInternet Safety Web Site Sid's Online Safety Guide Classroom Clipart CGP Duck Builder Game Virtual Garden Design a Garden / Virtual Tours Decorate a Virtual Room Design a Room Rabbits and Hunters Painting Packages Sumo Paint Create your own comic strip Kidsmart-Internet safety Think you Know? Cyberbullying Mentors Channel 4 City Builder Ladybird Leaf Graphical Modelling Graphical Modelling Interactive Layouts


Timestable Script

Various Kturtle Scripts

More Kturtle Scripts


Database Quiz Thinkdraw

Branching Databases

Sorting Games



Video Tutorial

Scratch Racing Car Game

 Animal DatabasePurple MashAppshed -Create an appIcon Finder for appshedPicture TellerArtisan Picture book Maker

Create an Animation

Beconscot Model Village

Branching Databases

Sorting Games


Birds Branching Database


Download OpenOffice Suite for Home use

Draw a Stick Man Create your own picture book online Super action comic maker Jewellery Designer Stitch it up Paint studio Explore popart Explore perspective Photo shoot Explore colour How to collage Explore lino printing


Teach yourself HTML Programming

Download Scratch at Home

Scratch Project Cards

Scratch Programming Scratch Project Videos Scratch Video Tutorial Scratch Vimeo Videos

GoAnimate Online Animation Kerpoof Kerpoof - Make a Movie Kerpoof - Make a Card Kerpoof - Spell a picture Kerpoof - Make a drawing Kerpoof - Tell a story ABCYA - Animation Fluxtime Studio Digital Films

Doink Movie Maker - Xtranormal

Create a Car

 Design a Roller Coaster

Sam Learning ICT Toy Shop Quiz

Story Creator


Discovery Box Tutorial

iMovie Tutorial

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