Dinosaurs and Fossils

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 Baryonyx mystery game  

Primary School Safe Seach

BBC Dinosaur fact files

Enchanted Learning Zoom Dinosaurs NHM - click on discover and the dinosaur's and other fossils. Dinosaur Gallery Dinosaur Dictionary Choose a dinosaur to printout and make a model NetKids - Online colouring book of dinosaurs. Online dinosaur jigsaw Dinosaur - 3D models to cut out and make. Dinosaur BBC News Cbeebies - dino's  

Lots of Dinosaur Links

Dinosaur Links

Dinosaurs on line

Dinosaur Time Machine

Dino Database 

Geologic time, Dinosaurs and Fossils

Feed a Trexx

Dino Dig Game



 Can you Spot the difference        
 Who dung it?
Sea monsters
 Cavemen Challenge
Big al game
Skeleton jigsaw 
Learn about dinosaurs with KidsDinos.com. Find out which dinosaur was the largest, which was the smallest, which had the most horns, the longest neck, or which ate the most food.
Dinosaurs ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years. Than suddenly they disapeared. Where did they go?
Want to memorize dinosaurs? This fun and interactive tool will give you an easy headstart. Create a list of dinosaurs you want to study. Review them frequently until mastery is achieved.
Games, activities, and other fun and educational tools. Learning about ancient life should be fun.
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