Toy WEB Links for you to explore!!

  Bedford Bytes Toy activities Describing Toys On-Line.         

Bethnal Green Toy Museum

A selection of games and exhibitions of old toys. Some great games to play in class involving toys from the past.
 British Museum Toy exhibitionExample of some very ancient toys. Just type "toys" into the search box  Describing and sorting toys Lesson plans and textease activities to describe and sort old toys. This forms part of the popular embedding ICT CD s History section which was produced by the DfES.

Images of dolls from the Liverpool Museum

Includes images of Victorian doll toys.

Images of old toys from the Bowes museum

Plenty of pictures of old toys for you to view. Victorian toys, army figures and more recent toys are displayed.

Introductory presentation

A short presentation on old and new toys.

Make a teddy bear

Drag and drop shapes to make the face of a teddy bear.

MAPE toy gallery

A selection of toys categorised into decades from 1900-2000. Ideal for copying and pasting to a whiteboard flipchart.

Moving toys

Lots of moving images of toys. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "moving toys". You will then be able to choose to view a video of your selected toy. A fabulous resource which can be used to teach forces, dance, history and DandT. An all time favourite!  

Moving toys

A great selection of moving toys for you to view. From most decades - there are wind up, pull along, electric etc.. toys to look at. Wonderful.

Photos of 20th century toys

Divided into the decades, there are plenty of clear colour photos of toys that you could use in your own lessons, perhaps on worksheets etc. They could be easily made into a matching-pairs game on the interactive whiteboard. Part of the ictopus picture gallery.

Toy Museum

Pictures of toys from the 20th century. Bring back all those happy memories, there are a selection of delightful pictures including doll's house furniture and radio controlled cars.

Toys ClipArt

Useful (if mixed) collection of freely available clipart images of toys past and present.

Toys from ancient history

This may be overkill, but why not show children who are interested in this topic toys that Egyptian or Roman children played with. Just type "toys" into the search box.

Victorian toy shop

Drag old and new toys to the correct location.

Victorian Toys

Use the "themes" gallery and take a closer look at "childhood".

Toy room

This wonderful toy room allows children to explore toys from now and then also suits the moving toys topic in DT taught much further up the school.
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