Reconstitution of the Governing Body


In September 2014, the Government informed all maintained schools that they must re-constitute their governing bodies to meet a new framework which would come into force from September 2015. Prior to reconstitution,  our governing body comprised of twelve governors made up of four elected parent governors; two Local Authority governors; the Headteacher; one elected staff governor and four community governors. Under the new scheme, the Government required every governing body to carry out a skills audit and re-constitute by 31 August 2015.
There were two main reasons given for changing the format of governing bodies and these were:
  • they should be no bigger than necessary – the view being, the smaller the governing body, the more cohesive and dynamic it will be,and
  • governors must be able to appoint persons they believe have the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.
Under the new scheme, the minimum number of governors was reduced to seven, unless a governing body stipulated otherwise and  it’s  Local Authority agreed to their request.  Certain mandatory numbers of governor types  were also reduced and community governors were  replaced by co-opted governors.  The minimum governor types  under the reconstituted scheme  are: two elected parent governors; one Local Authority governor;  the Headteacher; one elected staff governor and two co-opted governors.  
How has reconstitution affected the composition of Whitchurch Primary School Governing Body? A working party of governors carried out a skills audit to identify the skills, knowledge and experience of current governors in order to ascertain if there were any  areas within  our governing body where we might  need additional specific skills or experience. The governing body also agreed to keep the total number of governors at the previous level  of twelve governors.
 Often vacancies on the Governing body arise, if this is something that is of interest to you please get in touch.
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