Computing Showcase

At Whitchurch Primary school we believe Computing is an essential learning tool to prepare children to become independent learners. We teach Computing through focusing on skills which can be applied to a range of different packages and programs across all platforms.  We also teach coding from an early age using Scratch programming and then progress on to Python a text based language by the end of Year 6: Algorithms are also taught from as young as year 1 and 2.  We use a range of web2.0 applications and shareware packages to teach -

  • Algorithms
  • Coding
  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Databases
  • Photo manipulation
  • Animation
  • Composition
  • Video editing
  • Data logging
  • Programming
  • Control and monitoring and much more.

We aim for our children to leave with a range of skills they can use in Windows , on a mac, in linux  or on internet applications. We recognise that children are becoming quicker to understand and apply their skills, as they explore an ever growing range of resources, and peer learning plays a big part in our approach to learning. Computer lessons are taught by  our ICT Teacher (Mrs Manning) from year 1 to year 6, and children have the opportunity to attend out of school clubs for a range of different ICT experiences. They also cover internet safety, and how to be safe users of the internet.

Examples of Pupils work at Whitchurch Primary School

iMovie - To View Year 3 - 4 Slideshows clicK here

Python Quiz - Year 6Python - Variables 
Python Year 5 - Eve SumnarPython - Jasmine Hogg - Year 5Scratch - Oliver Phillips year 4
Year 3 Amelie Dawson -Scratch Amelie Dawson- dancing squidYear 4 Freya Gonsalves - Scracth


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Year 6 Jasmin HBYear 5 Milli Gatherumbookmarks
Brochure - Year 5 pupilBrochure Year 5 pupilYear 5-6 E-Safety Bookmarks 
  Poster - Year 6 pupil
Brochure - Year 5 pupilChocolate Bar Net - Year 5 pupil

Graphing Results - Year 5 pupil


  Year 4 pupil - Website Design


Year 5  Pupil - Scratch Program

Click to enlarge and view code

  Year 5 Pupil - Homework task 

Year 6 Pupil - Scratch Program


  Year 5  Pupil - Scratch Program  

                              Scratch Projects

                Click Images to view animation







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