Children start, full-time, at Whitchurch School in the September after their 4th birthday although parents have the right to defer their child’s entry to school until any term within that academic year but legally must start their child in school the term after their fifth birthday. Children in class 1 ( the foundation class) these children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum just as they would if they continued in Pre-School. This curriculum enables children to learn in practical ways through structured play; activities which are pupil initiated; activities which are teacher initiated and others which are teacher led. Pupils have a daily numeracy and phonics input.  During the summer term before the children start, we have 2 ‘step up’ mornings where children get a feel for what it is like in class 1 so that they are happy and comfortable when they actually start. We also have transition meetings with small groups of parents where the children can again meet and work with a member of staff. This means that it is quite unusual for children to feel unhappy or distressed when starting school. Visits Parents who are considering children for admission at school are invited to contact the Headteacher who will be pleased to arrange a visit to the school. Visits can also be arranged for children entering the school after the age of five.

Admissions are administered centrally by the OCC admissions team. "".

They liaise closely with schools so they know about their current class sizes and structures. The booklet they supply explains clearly how the admission procedure works. Admission forms must be returned by January for admission in the following September. Where the number of requests for admission to a school goes over the number they can take (the standard number), published criteria are applied to decide which children are offered places. Some children may be offered a place at a school which was given as the second or third choice. Whitchurch’s standard number is currently 15. When an application is unsuccessful, there is a right of appeal. This process is explained in the booklet. Catchment

The catchment area of the school covers Whitchurch on Thames and Whitchurch Hill , although children outside the catchment area may be admitted if places are available for futher clarification please contact Oxfordshire county council admission department.

When children leave Whitchurch Primary School at the end of Year 6, they generally transfer to Langtree in Woodcote.  Past Pupils have also moved onto Reading Boys, Kendrick, The Downs, Abingdon, Queen Anns, St Andrews and Pangbourne College. Parents who are interested in entrance exams can visit the following website for more information.  For more information regarding entry exams Click here For Specific School in Reading Click here
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