Curriculum Long Term Plan for year's 1-2-3 

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Curriculum Long Term Plan for year's 4-5-6

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New curriculum programme of study for English

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New curriculum programme of study for Maths


How do we teach reading?

Children in Foundation are working towards the Early Learning Goals.
In Reading these are;
  1. Children read and understand simple sentences.
  2. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud  accurately.
  3. They read some common irregular words.
  4. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.
We take the following approach –
  • Introduce the sounds of the letters of the alphabet and then the diagraphs, as laid out in Phonics International.
  • Teach children the phoneme/ grapheme correspondence
  • Teach the children to blend for reading and then segment for spelling
  • Teach High Frequency words ( tricky words)
  • Introduce the children to reading books that are phonically de-codable, when they are blending, that they read with their parents.
  • Each child does guided reading using the Rigby Star reading scheme every week and follows this up with a related worksheet to reinforce the vocabulary or focus of the book.
  • Read stories every day to build the children’s knowledge of story language which then helps them to predict and use context cues.
  • In summary;
  • The children are familiar with many stories
  • They read in a group every week
  • They learn synthetic phonics to start them reading
  • Other skills are included to build the child’s tool kit of strategies.


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