Apps to Support Maths at Whitchurch Primary


 Apps for teaching Maths 

Name icon  Description
Number bonds   number_bonds_add_subtract_sde-150x150 Four games: -Pond Bonds – Find the missing part  for numbers 0-10 using frogs. -Bird Bonds – Find the missing part or whole for numbers 0-20 using numbers (on birds) -Which Number? – Gives a number bond with a missing part and five possible solutions. Students choose the correct one. Numbers 0-99 -Which Bond? – Players are shown a number & two number bonds and asked, “Which bond does this number belong to?”
Archimedest Roost   archimedes_roost-147x150 Kindergarten app based on Singapore Number Bonds and Montessori using parts and wholes and Montessori bead chain and strip board manipulatives. Includes addition and subtraction within 20. Fully narrated for non-readers.
Maths Facts  maths-facts Maths Facts offers a series of easy to play games designed to help your child practice and learn the addition and subtraction facts, along with facts families and number bonds. Visit the app store to find out more.
Place Value Cards   pv_cards-148x150  A number is given and you must show it two different ways, for example if 3 tens and 6 ones is given, you could also make 36 with 2 tens and 16 ones.
Number Bond Cards  number_bond_cards-150x148
  • Level 1: Ten Frames and
  • Level 2: Number Bonds with missing whole
  • Level 3: Number Bonds with missing part
Thinking Block App iPad only  thinking-purple Addition and Subtraction App Multiplication and Division App Word problems - Fraction App

Word problems - Ratio and proportion App

Visual Word Problems  visual_math_word_problems_ipad_app-150x150 Designed to help 1st and 2nd grade school children to visualize, understand and solve basic addition & subtraction word problems, this is a guided, easy to use app for early learners.
Xyla and Yabu  xyla_and_yabu_ipad_app-148x150 Help Xyla and Yabu trade gems back and forth by learning to add and subtract with number bonds. Use the relative sizes of number bond bars representing parts and wholes to develop number sense while solving word problems. Understand and become automatic at using tens, doubles, and other recurring patterns with numbers.
Practice Maths with Robin and Dob  robin_and_dob-145x150 Master addition and subtraction with math whizzes Robin and Dob. 10 levels of each, addition & subtraction, no customizing. The dog pops up when you’ve taken too long and offers help in the form of an abacus, tens and ones place value chart with apples or the problem stacked instead of horizontal. Adorable!
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