School Bus

Morning arrangements The school opens at 8.40am and pupils should not be brought to school before this time. unless attending breakfast club Once the classroom doors are open, an early morning task is available in each classroom. Children from class 2 upwards are dropped at the door and come into school independently. Parents of pupils in Class 1 are welcome to stay until 9am. Please ensure that the children have arrived at school by 8.55am for a prompt start . When does the school day end? Pre-school sessions end at 3.15pm, while the Primary School ends at 3.30pm. Parents waiting to meet school children should wait outside their classrooms. Please remember, and remind your children, that the school drive is a road. School pupils going home on the school bus leave the classes first, followed by all those using Muddy Lane. Pupils walking or cycling down Eastfield Lane should do so after the bus has left. All pupils not staying for afterschool activities should have left the school site by 3.40pm.

What should I do if thereʼs a problem picking up my child?

Anyone on your emergency contact list can collect your child. If you would like someone else to pick up your child, please write a note, email or phone the School Office before 12pm. In an emergency, please ring the office, leaving an answerphone message if necessary, to arrange alternative collection. Walking to school It is hoped that all families who live in Whitchurch-on-Thames will walk or cycle to school whenever possible. We have an approved School Travel Plan available to view at the School Office. The aim of our Travel Plan is to reduce the number of cars using Eastfield Lane, and to have as many children walking, or walking the last part of their journeys. There is very little parking in Eastfield Lane and Keep Clear zones outside the school. Please do not park in these areas. Is there a school bus? A school bus provides free transport to and from Whitchurch Primary School for all those pupils who live in Whitchurch Hill, Coombe End or Coldharbour.

Can I drive the children to school?

Parents who need to drive their children to and from school or preschool are asked to park in Hardwick Road. Cars coming up from the High Street should turn first by reversing into Hillside and then park facing the High Street on the pavement side. The school is then approached on foot using Muddy Lane and the pedestrian gates. A clear and safe access route to the school must be maintained at all times, therefore between 8.40am and 9.10am, and 3.15pm and 3.45pm, only the school bus, staff, visitors for the school and pre-school and emergency vehicles are able use the school drive. Day-Glo waistcoats Day-Glo waistcoats, designed to be worn over outer clothing, are recommended for travelling to and from school on foot or bicycle.
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