School Dinners

Looking for our menu?


At Whitchurch we pride ourselves on providing delicious balanced meals for our children. Our kitchen has been awarded a healthy food award from South Oxfordshire District Council.  

What will my child be given to eat if they choose school meal? All meals are prepared and cooked on site, using fresh vegetables and fresh, locally farmed meat. The balanced menus are on a three-week rotation which is updated twice a year. Every day your child can select: • A choice of hot meal with pudding • Fresh bread, yoghurt and fresh fruit are always available. The latest menu is sent out to parents.

Can my child bring a packed lunch? Children do not have to eat a school meal everyday. Every half term you can choose any combination of school lunches and packed lunches. We try to encourage children to stick to a routine each week. For instance your child could bring a packed lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with school meals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The children are asked at registration if they have a packed lunch or if they are having a school dinner. If they are having a school dinner, the menu is read to them and they choose which dish they would like. Please ensure your child is fully aware of the arrangements each day. If your child brings a packed lunch to school this is best kept in a soft, insulated lunch bag with an ice pack.

What about snacks? Every morning break, our tuck shop sells milk; juice; crackers and cheese; dried apricots or raisins; and fruit for a small charge. Your child may bring a snack from home, however we ask you to bear in mind our policy on healthy eating. Sweets are not allowed as a breaktime snack.

Can my child bring a drink? Children will have the opportunity to drink water throughout the day. We have water fountains around the school. In addition, we encourage all children to have a clear plastic named water bottle with still water to be able to drink throughout the day. Your child may bring a drink for snack time or as part of their packed lunch. However fizzy drinks are not appropriate for school.

Will my child have to eat everything on their plate? We encourage children to eat a balanced meal, but do not force them to clean their plate. If your child brings a packed lunch, we ask them to bring their leftovers home with them so you can keep tabs on what they are eating.

How do I pay for lunches? At the beginning of each half term, a letter will be sent home with details of any changes to arrangements and the latest status of your childʼs lunch money account. You can choose to pay per half term, month or week. If your child is eligible for free school meals, please complete the form enclosed (or obtain it from the School Office) and return it to the school with an original proof of the relevant support payments.    

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